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Easy to use

The tool is designed so that it facilitates work of real estate agents and company managers as much as possible. Real estate agents have been involved in development of this tool.

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Professionally organised work

This tool will serve as your personal assistant, which will remind you about events, accumulate information and inform you about the course of events to help you to work smarter, more efficient and productive.

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Accessibility at any time and place

SEGROW is available in browser version and as an app for Android and iOS smart devices. Thus you will have access to all your data at any time and any place.

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Adaptable to everyone

The basic version of the tool already offers extensive functionality. Moreover, we have developed this tool in a way, that it is maximally easy to adapt it to the needs of each individual user.


Currently, SEGROW is the only specialised real estate sales online tool, which is fully adaptable to the needs of each user. We created SEGROW to facilitate the work of real estate agents and real estate agencies. We believe, that this tool will help real estate agents to work more efficiently, qualitatively and be much more motivated, seeing constant progress and results.

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Why to choose SEGROW

Make your daily work more convenient and efficient with a tool, which is developed exactly for real estate agents

Conveniently organised work

This tool allows efficient work organisation, not to forget anything and always control the progress of events. Real estate agents assisted in development of the tool for their daily use.


SEGROW is compatible also with other systems, for example, you will be able to export object information to your homepage or sync it with real estate portals.


All data is stored on several servers, and multiple backup copies are created on daily basis. Also encrypted connection is used.


One of our priorities is a satisfied customer; that's why we will do everything to respond to all your questions as soon as possible.


SEGROW can be accessed from any place in the world. To use it, you just need internet connection and your computer or any smart device.

Mobile app

For additional convenience, also SEGROW mobile app is available, which is very helpful in the agents' daily work considering their daily hurry.


Here are the basic functions of the tool. Based on your request, the range of functions can be replenished.


Each user has access to statistics about his/her completed works, and about the results of other team members. The group administrator or company manager can view more detailed statistics.


Each user of the tool registers own objects, which can be later filtered or arranged as necessary. Objects can be exported to external resources (company homepage, real estate portals, e.t.c). Customers, who have shown interest, can be viewed for each object.

Incoming customers

Database of clients, who wish to buy or rent properties. Clients can be filtered or arranged as necessary. The properties already offered to the client and properties that match the search criteria of the respective client can be viewed for each client.

Potential objects

“Cold call” database: the tool user can mark all clients that have been already addressed. By using this database, users can immediately select and view all incoming or potential clients, who may show interest in the particular object.


An archive of all data within the tool – objects, incoming clients and potential objects. The archive stores all information, which is not actively used anymore, but could be useful in the future.


Database of completed object deals. After conclusion of deal, each user records the deal information in a way, that when collecting information within the team, the completed transactions of each user can be viewed.


We have developed a smart calendar, which will not allow you to miss any information, which is synced with the database of objects and clients. Calendar entries can be also connected to other calendar apps (Google, Outlook etc.).


Drafting of contracts cannot be easier - a few clicks and you have a ready contract. An unlimited number of contract templates can be added within the team.


Just prepare an invoice and download it in PDF format or automatically send an electronic invoice to the client. Invoices can be linked to a client registered in the database or drafted for clients not registered in the database.

E-mail notifications

Regular notifications to the incoming clients about objects that match their search criteria. As soon as any new object is added, all clients whose search criteria match the entered object, will receive an e-mail message with information about this object.


Database of two groups of documents is available: team documents, where team forms and templates are available, and individual documents, which are accessible by each user separately. Documents can be arranged into folders.


Database of team internal reservations – commonly used things can be defined within each team (for example, meeting premises, team transport, equipment), and each user can reserve them, thus ensuring that reservations do not overlap.


Here, this is how the real estate sales management tool SEGROW looks like. Apply for the demonstration version to gain more extensive insight into the tool and its functionality.


As soon as you will start using SEGROW you will ascertain, that SEGROW is one of the best investments in raising productivity of your company. Prices are indicated without VAT.



    Use all functions offered by SEGROW, using the tool on your computer.

    * The price is indicated per one user.



    Use all functions offered by SEGROW, using the tool on your computer and smartphone (only for additional 5 € monthly).

    * The price is indicated per one user monthly.

Setup fee


    One-time fee for setup of the tool. This fee does not depend on the number of users.

    * The fee may increase for more complicated setup solutions.


SEGROW app is available both for users of Android and iOS.



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Do you want to find out more about SEGROW and, maybe, try the demonstration version? Complete the application form and we will contact you to organise it.